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Wedding Feast

Wedding Feast

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Wedding Feast is officially India’s first zero budget movie ever made in the history of Indian cinema. It is a romantic black comedy film written and directed by Mahesh Loni.The film entertainingly deals with the doubting nature and emotional insecurities of the human mind, especially in a relationship. Gender equality is the message of the movie. ‘What’s in anybody’s clothes is nobody’s business, it matters only in the bathroom and bedroom, not in any other places’ is the core message of the movie. 

Mahesh spontaneously goes to the marriage hall uninvitedly along with his three friends to have a free meal. There he likes a girl – Kavitha and proposes to her instantly, which creates confusion and conflict with the groom (Prakash) as Kavitha being the bride. When Mahesh was questioned he defends his action by saying he was acting as per instructions of someone else and takes Prakash to meet that person. On the way Mahesh narrates his intimate love story to Prakash and that’s when Prakash realises Kavitha is Mahesh’s Ex-girlfriend and he starts doubting about her character and refuses to get married. Kavitha in her defence narrates her part of the story and Prakash accepts to marry her, but will Kavitha accept to marry him ?


Mahesh Loni, Gayathri, Akash Banahatti,


Mahesh Loni


Mahesh Loni

Release Date:

Oct. 30, 2020

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