Standalone Film Festival

Values of HMB

Values of HMB

Russian Documentaries Short Standalone Film Festival

The documentary tells about a new sport that has already captured many participants from all over the world - the historical medieval battle. The action takes place during the Battle of the Nations - the HMB World Cup, that was spend in Serbia in 2019. The story is narrated on behalf of several athletes from the men's and women's National Team of Russia, as well as a representative of a foreign team, and is dedicated to revealing the values of this sport through specific athletes. The Russian National Team is a multiple winner of the Battle of the Nations and an example for the national teams of all other countries, which include teams from Chile to Ukraine, from the United States of America to Australia. The characters talk about how their childhood dreams of being brave knights came true, why women can fight on a par with men, why the number of HMB fans and athletes is growing exponentially every year across the planet and what is this sport is.


Evgeniy Gladkov, Yuriy Samoilov, Artemiy Gershvald, Svetlana Fedorova


Andrey Kiselus, Maya DiNova


Maya Dinova


Maya Dinova

Release Date:

Aug. 20, 2020

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