Standalone Film Festival

The Elevator

The Elevator

English Drama Family Standalone Film Festival

 Roman Juniper, a husband, and father of three is forced to go work on the Saturday of his daughter's birthday. He plans to return home in time for his daughter's birthday party before things take a sharp turn of events. His wife and kids are setting up the decorations and food at the house and start to wonder where Roman is since it's well past his clock out time. A man matching Roman's description has been reported as a victim in a life-threatening accident and the Juniper family is extremely distraught and thinks that it could very well be him. They all quickly drive off to the hospital to find out where and what has happened to their loving Roman. 

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Eric Roberts, Eugenia Kuzmina, Matt Rife


Mukesh Modi


Jack Cook, Mukesh Modi


Mukesh Modi

Release Date:

Aug. 7, 2021

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