Standalone Film Festival

Swaying and never dozing


Swaying and never dozing

Russian Short Standalone Film Festival

Reality sways and doesn’t sleep. I want to catch it, tie it to myself and not to breathe so that it doesn’t slip away. I believe that reality should be considered in terms of dreams, myths, constant changes and thus it will only become closer.

When I uploaded this project to filmfreeway it meant to be looped. For this reason, the film has no credits at the beginning and the end. But if they are necessary for showing at your festival, then I will send a version with captions.


Valeria Beskaravainaya,Emma Gonsales Moro,Malysheva Larisa


Arseny Kalmykov


Arseny Kalmykov


Arseny Kalmykov

Release Date:

June 20, 2019

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