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A migrated couple ,trying to make their new life progressive in a big city, the man is educated in philosophy, and the woman has passed the computer exam, where the man has full faith in his philosophical education that he will get a job in the city, no matter what but the man has been sitting idle at home for a year and the woman has been working in mall since the very first month itself , and she has been the sole breadwinner in the house for a year now . The surrounding space in the film is absurd in a way and portrays the infinite dynamics in a ‘male-female’ relationship . It shows the conflict between a man who is trapped in his own philosophical world and a woman whose only philosophy is her own dreaded reality.


Tejas Mahajan,Karishma Desale


Bhushan Patil


Bhushan Patil


Bhushan Patil

Release Date:

Jan. 1, 2021

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