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Bengali Short Standalone Film Festival

Scriptures are an immense source of knowledge. They help people to follow the right path and attain Nirvana. We know religion by names, such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism and more. However, when hunger comes as a basic need of human being, it hits hard and humanity steps in. When the child pleads to a random 'man' (irrespective of any religion) mistaking him as the 'Priest' to perform Puja (Ode to Goddess) so that she can break her fast and eat. The 'man' (narrator) belonging from a different religion couldn't help other than performing the Puja seeing the starving face of the child. After the Puja, he seeks forgiveness from the Goddess hoping to see the smiling face of the fasting child. God doesn't exist in the presence of religious narrowness and where humanity is absent. Humanity is the only religion.


Bumba,Ushashree Ghosh,Namita Ghosh


Rakasree Basu


Biswanath Saha


Biswanath Saha

Release Date:

Jan. 5, 2021

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