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DUEL. Synopsys.
Satirical Drama („creeping realism”), 29 min
Idea by Peter Smirnov. Script by Peter Smirnov and Timur Dubro.
Main Characters are twin brothers (30+).
One, Misha, lives in Germany and works as a programmer for big company, while another brother, Sasha, lives in Russia and works in construction company. Though they are twins and grew up together they are complete antipodes.
Sasha is older than Misha by 20 minutes that allows him to cold-shoulder his brother. Besides he always goes for sports, he is more active and extroverted. Misha is more of calm temper, he is introvert. Misha is of western liberal views but Sasha is of traditional patriotic views.
Because of old quarrel they quitted communicating with each other even banned each other on social networks. But once their grandmother who raised brothers died, brother from Germany goes to Russia. They meet at the apartment where they spent their childhood, but all attempts to unite lead to conflict. First because of permanently working TV set then because of inherited two-room apartment.
Temperature of conflict rises and brothers start to look as participants of Duel TV program or as rap battle’s members.
The answer to question who is right is left by authors to audience. Open end with short reel portraying actors Tatarenko brothers’ childhood speculates that there are no winners in such battles.


Grigory Tatarenko,Pavel Tatarenko,Anastasia Rasskazova


Aleksandr Krotov ,Timur Dubro


Timur Dubro


Peter Smirnov ,Timur Dubro

Release Date:

Oct. 29, 2020

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