Standalone Film Festival

CSD The Film - part 2 (Stay at home)

CSD The Film - part 2 (Stay at home)


The little Lego Truck shows up
for the first rainbow parade (C.S.D.),
trying to reduce the sense of oppression.
During the pandemic and the lockdown
the truck brings rainbow flags and coloured
lights into the little european culture capital of Dresden.

10 guys tell their impressions about it.

"We are all agree that the lockdown gave to the LGBT community an hard time... Mental health is an actual problem because many young people feel alone and depressed... In this documentary, inspired by the words of the Bible, I am trying to collect positive feelings hoping that everyone will feel better spending the time at home into a creative way!"


Roberto Basile,Lara Liqueur,Betty D.Fort


CSD Dresden


Claudio D´Attis


Ronald Zenker

Release Date:

Dec. 30, 2020

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