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Tragic comedy of the absurd, based on the works of Daniel Kharms (1905-1942). Trying to recreate the realities of the 30s, at which the bloom of Kharms began to flourish, the director reproduces the style of filming, the acting of that time and introduces an “aged” sound into the picture. Thus, he manages to achieve maximum authenticity of the sound of the author's text and help the viewer to plunge into the atmosphere in which the classic of the absurd lived and worked. This is the world of illusions, hints and associations, reflecting the stream of consciousness of the creator living in an era of silence. This era in a paradoxical way reminds of today's Russia. Various works of Daniil Kharms are filigreely connected into a single whole by means of a certain character dressed in a sailor's jacket, who roams from “incident” to “occasion”, falling into various stories and leaving unharmed from the most improbable situations. The character is a sweet embodiment of a revolutionary sailor in stock, which filled Russian society in the early 1930s. He is quite a good-natured "lumpen", not devoid of the features of his class: arrogance, perversity, impudence and arrogance. In the film, the works of Harms were filmed: “Interference”, “Victory of Myshyn”, “Grigoriev and Semyonov”, etc.


Dmitri Frolov, Dmitri Shibanov, Natalya Sourkova


Dmitri Frolov


Dmitri Frolov

Release Date:

Dec. 17, 2020

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