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Spanish Short Standalone Film Festival

In the not too distant future, in the Republic of Chile, the young detective Joyce Nova fulfills her functions in a thin horizon between law, morality and her particular vision of justice: after having suffered a horrendous crime firsthand. and that the criminal has been protected by the political power in office, his idealization of a just world has become dark and punctual. The closest thing to justice and criminal punishment, for Joyce, will be revenge.

Accompanied at all times by your Dedicated Multifunctional Assistance Automaton, or A.D.A.M., the routine work of imparting and enforcing the law will become a heavy burden. The automaton A.D.A.M., thanks to its extraordinary technological advances, will discover the instability identifiers of her partner, making her see that her judgment as a law enforcement officer is compromised.

It will thus have A.D.A.M. before his analytical gaze a calculation of probabilities that, like Joyce, will lead him to the border, to the horizon of the law: that greyish space where, apparently, automation is lost and autonomy is gained, the feeling of " To be".

Will it go through A.D.A.M. the threshold of your programming by Joyce or, perhaps, why justice demands it?


Alejandra Araya,Eduardo Burle


Cristian Arellano,Pablo Roldan


Pablo Roldan


Pablo Roldan

Release Date:

Oct. 21, 2020

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